Petrosky Terms of Service


Terms of Service

User Registration

Registering with or using incorrect or fake perosnal details may lead to permanent account terminatio.Terms of Service


We might ask you for ID verification and make a phone call to the phone number you provided to ensure that the given details are correct to prevent fraud and abuse. We might ask for ID verifictaion at any time during your contact with us.


Having multiple accounts is prohibited and will result in a permanent suspension of all accounts.Terms of Service

Type of Actions Considered Abusive:

Host or distribute malicious or inappropriate files. Targeted harassment towards individuals (Dox), retaining any personal information against them without their consent. This may also include hateful and/or racist content or any type of discrimination. Carry outbound network attacks (DoS), malicious network scanning or host malware (e.g botnet). Host Tor nodes.

Host fraud, phishing, gambling/lottery sites or software. Send unsolicited e-mail spam. Host any kind of nudity, abusive, pornographic, offensive, illegal, or inappropriate, controversial, racist, violent, sexually explicit, erotic, extremist or drug content. Usage of any forms of resource abuse that may cause harm to other clients (e.g cryptocurrency mining).

Set reverseDNS to something which promotes illegal activities such as hacking, DDoS, drugs or anything inappropriate. Usage of 100% of allocated cores for an extended period of time on a shared service. Doing anything of that may lead to the suspension of your service or your account being terminated along with all services associated with it depending on the severity. Repeated violations will result in all services associated with your account being terminated without prior notice.

Service Abuse And Acceptable Use:

By using PetroSky, you agree to not abuse systems or networks in any way that may harm the usability of other client services or harm outside networks or individuals. We have a zero-tolerance policy for abuse. We also work with security organizations in order to deal with abuse cases accordingly. Below is a non-exclusive list of actions considered abusive, but is not limited to. Any doubt should be referred to our abuse department for evaluation.

Client Order:

Account details must match those provided by the payment method. Account registration and order placement must be executed from the client’s residential IP address. We reserve the right to reject your account registration or your order. In this case, a full refund will be given, unless the payment is not refundable (e.g cryptocurrency).


PetroSky is not responsible for any damage caused by a loss of data, a DDoS-Attack, Server damage and many more. The customer must always make a backup of data to keep in a safe place.


PetroSky reserves the right to suspend the service at any time. Anything that is illegal of infringes the rights of third parties hosted on our servers is not allowed.


Why Choose PetroSky?

Firstly and most importantly our servers are 100% managed by our specialist in-house team of dedicated developers with zero outsourcing. This ensures any contact with us is direct and we can quickly resolve any queries or issues.Terms of Service

Unlimited traffic

Our servers are flexible and we will never throttle or restrict traffic – ever.

Guaranteed 99% uptime!

Our service will give you fewer outages meaning your project is always kept online preventing any unnecessary delays

Anti-DDoS Protection

We protect you against DDoS and high-bandwidth attacks by eliminating the threats and protecting your infrastructure whilst using our service. Giving you security and peace of mind

24/7 Expert Support

If an issue should arise, our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our Live Chat. They'll get your issue solved fast, minimising any downtime.


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Simple and Powerful Performance

Here below, you can find more about our VPS features

Android Emulator Support

Our elastic servers are built-in with a Hybrid Technology. That way, you have the ability to run your own Android Emulator at the highest performance!

Weekly Backups

Here at PetroSky. We perform weekly backups, so even if your server fails you can always restore to a previous backup!

OpenGL & 3D Acceleration

Our elastic-servers are 3D Accelerated & OpenGL 4.4 compatible which makes it easier to run an Android Emulator or such.

AMD Ryzen 9 Series & Intel i7 CPUs

Every server we provide is powered by an NVMe SSD which makes your server more flexible


Every server we provide is powered by an NVMe SSD which makes your server more flexible

PetroSky F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

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