Virtual Machine within a Virtual Machine

Run Virtual Machine within a Virtual Machine

Introducing the ultimate solution for testing, development, and training – Nested virtualization enabled! With the ability to run a Virtual Machine (VM) within Another VM!

PetroSky provides you with the power and flexibility of multiple operating systems and environments on a single host machine. VPS with Nested virtualization enabled is perfect for running Android Emulators such as Bluestacks or Virtualbox with multiple VMs simultaneously on a single physical machine.

Try PetroSky Nested VPS for yourself and see the benefits firsthand. With our powerful host machines you’ll be up and running in no time.

Affordable VPS Hosting Services For All Your  Needs

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Our Packages

All in an easy to use package. Choose from our Pro to Pro+ VPS Servers here!

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Why Choose PetroSky?

Firstly and most importantly our servers are 100% managed by our specialist in-house team of dedicated developers with zero outsourcing. This ensures any contact with us is direct and we can quickly resolve any queries or issues.

Unlimited traffic

Our servers are flexible and we will never throttle or restrict traffic – ever.

Guaranteed 99% uptime!

Our service will give you fewer outages meaning your project is always kept online preventing any unnecessary delays

Anti-DDoS Protection

We protect you against DDoS and high-bandwidth attacks by eliminating the threats and protecting your infrastructure whilst using our service. Giving you security and peace of mind

24/7 Expert Support

If an issue should arise, our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our Live Chat. They'll get your issue solved fast, minimising any downtime.


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The uses of Virtual Machne within a Virtual Machine

vps for app testing

Test Android App

Our servers are comaptible with every Web-Application (cPanel, Plesk, Joomla & such). You can run your own website with our VPS servers!

VPS for Android Emulator

We do support Android Emulation! With our Hybrid-Technology Elastic Servers. Its really easy to run an Android Emulator (per example: Noxplayer or Bluestacks)

VPN Hosting

We support VPN Hosting aswell. By using our servers, you can host your own proper VPN Server using OpenVPN or similars

Game Server Hosting

Our servers are also optimised for Game Hosting, meanwhile, you can also host a game server by using our VPS servers.


Simple and Powerful Performance

Want to know more about our VPS Servers? Here are some features!

Android Emulator Support

Our Pro+ vps servers are built-in with a Hybrid Technology. That way, you have the ability to run your own Android Emulator at the highest performance!

Light Speed Servers

Our servers are ultra-fast as they use the latest hardware technology, we use a RAW 10Gbps port for all of our servers, this way we can keep our network stable!

Accelerated Graphic

Our Pro+ plans are 3D Accelerated & OpenGL 4.5 compatible which makes it easier to run an Android Emulator or such.

AMD And Xeon Processors

As mentionned, we use latest Gen CPU's to guarantee you the best performance


Every server we provide is powered by an NVMe SSD which makes your server more flexible!


Our Locations
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Ultra-Low Latency

Android Emulator Support

OpenGL 4.5 Support


VPN Support

Unlimited traffic

Extremely Tuned Performance

Starting from 11.99 €

Pro+ VPS

Ultra-Low Latency

Android Emulator Support

OpenGL 4.5 Support

3D Graphic Acceleration

Vulkan 1.3 Support

Unlimited traffic

Extremely Tuned Performance

Starting from 15.99 €

PetroSky F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions

All of them. You can either choose to restrict ports in your server by configuring the Firewall or your IPTables rules. Our support team can help you do that by contacting them.

Yes. Every server is delivered with a static IPv4 Address. Meanwhile you can still order an extra-IP Address or change the existing one for 2€ in our Control Panel

We offer the installation of various Operating Systems such as Windows Server (2016/2019/2022) and Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS).

No. Our VPS Servers have unlimited traffic and unmetered bandwith to guarantee you the best uptime and scalability.

You can either upgrade or downgrade your VPS Plan in the Control Panel (

No we don’t. We only offer a refund if you bought a plan by mistake.

Of course no. We do care about DMCA so therefore any suspicious activity while using our services will lead in a permanent suspension of the account.

At the moment no. But we are planning to add one in the future

Virtualization is enabled by default on our Pro+ VPS Servers only.

Yes. PetroSky Pro+ VPS comes with exclusive features to run be able to run Android Emulators. 

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How can I earn money with the sales?

The money you will earn will be added on your Petrosky Balance and then you can withdraw it.

How can I start on the Petrosky Affiliate Program?

Well its just so basic! All you have to do is to check our Affiliate Program and generate your custom own affiliates links!

Do you offer any bonuses?

Yes we do! At Petrosky, we offer up-to 30% of the affiliate money, depending on how many sales you made!